Welcome to Oromia BoFED
The Oromia Bureau of Finance and Economic Development is established in 1994 according to proclamation No. 127/1994.


It is established from the merge of two former Bureau's namely Bureau of Plan and Economic Development and Bureau of Finance according to Proclamation no. 127/1994. 


Objectives of The Bureau  
    >Planning and administering the economic dev't of the region
    >Administering the region's resources, expenditure payments
    >Developing and controlling accounting principles

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Mission Statement

The mission of Oromia Bureau of Finance and Economic Development is "To improve the standard of living of the people through utilization of the region's resources in a coordinated, transparent and efficient manner".


The vision of Oromia Bureau of Finance and Economic Development as leading institution to manage and guide the economy of the Region is "To see the region people freed from absolute poverty where working culture develop and its resources utilized efficiently"